Passing Drills for Basketball

Passing the basketball is paramount to being a solid offensive team.  The consistently good basketball programs have a propensity to share the ball and get everyone on the floor involved. With that said, being willing to pass is the not same as completing a pass against pressure defense.  Below you will find some passing drills for basketball that will help your players learn to pass to teammates on the move, pass through on the ball pressure, look off defenders and ultimately lower turnovers by increasing your passing efficiency.

Try some of these passing drills for basketball:

  • Circle Passing – Love it as a coach, hated it as a player.  The drill works on passing under pressure and not allowing defenders to anticipate your pass
  • Kentucky Layups– Full court layups and passing drill. Good for teams that like to push the ball in transition for easy layups
  • Full Court Passing Layups – good warm up drill for older teams and solid fundamental drill for youth teams.
  • Hot Spot Passing – works on quick passes and develops players’ hands.

We have many more passing drills for basketball available in our basketball drills section. If you would like to create your own drills try Hoop Coach Playbook.  We would love to be able to share your drills with the thousands of coaches on our site!