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Help and Recover :: Defensive Fundamentals and Teaching Points IV

In yesterday’s article on shell defense and in a previous Hoop Coach article, “On Ball Defense”, we have discussed the foundation for today’s topic of help and recover. The premises of those two articles were: the more a defender can stay between his man and the basket, the better; the Read More

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Shell Drill for Basketball Practice: Defensive Fundamentals and Teaching Points III

Whether a coach forces sideline or middle-or not at all-or plays a soft or hard zone, inevitably defenses are constantly put in help and recover situations. If one attends most any pre-season practice at least at the HS level or higher, one will witness one form or another of a Read More

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Post Defense :: Fundamentals and Teaching Points – Part 2

In a previous article we discussed the Blocking Out philosophy spectrum. Today we’ll discuss Post Defense, perhaps the defensive area where thinking and technique has most changed in the last 25 years. There was a time when coaches would teach their low post defenders either ¾ denial or full frontal Read More

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Basketball Box Out: Defensive Fundamentals and Teaching Points – Part 1

On the heels of the of “Offensive Fundamentals and Teaching Points” post. We are going to start a series over the next week or so to share some similar thoughts on the defensive side.  First up, basketball box outs. Rather than advocate a particular system, I’d like to catalog and Read More