Pro Player Conditioning Workout

Professional basketball player strength and conditioning workout.  Plenty of exercises in this video that you can steal and add to your workouts.  Here is the note Coach Thom posted with the video.

Video notes: Nine training sessions in 5 weeks, Amit Tamir changed his body to the point that this coming season should be one of his best, playing professional basketball overseas. Amit also lifted 3 days a weeks as well as worked on his game 2 days a week. We also followed every conditioning session with 20 minutes of cardio to help increase caloric expenditure. Amit was an absolute pleasure to coach, his work ethic, positive attitude, and discipline to stay focused on his diet and weight room workouts when we weren’t training together were key to his success. This video is two different workouts both created to strengthen certain areas that Amit needed to strengthen to stay injury free for next year, and all of the workouts incorporated a conditioning aspect to help Amit lean out.

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